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Providing comprehensive care for your child’s wellbeing is our priority. We empower them through holistic, attentive and nurturing support in a secure community where they belong and can be themselves.

Students exploring and enjoying outdoor play equipment, embracing physical activity and social interaction in the open air.
A student finding solace and enjoyment while reading quietly in the school library

Specialist Wellbeing

Our Wellbeing Team includes professional Welfare and Pastoral Care staff. We embrace wellbeing as holistic, helping your child form the building blocks for life, developing resilience and flourishing as a valuable person designed by God.

Our team collaborates with the Pastoral Care staff to support the psychological, social, emotional and spiritual needs of students. Your child will feel valued, secure and capable in the care of our dedicated staff. Additionally, Pacific Hope is a member of the Pacific Group of Christian Schools and can access the resources, services and guidance of the Pacific Wellbeing team.

Beyond the classroom, we build partnerships of collaboration with parents, carers and external agencies when required.

Above and Beyond

Every child is valued and welcomed into our nurturing and supportive learning community. Our staff genuinely desire to go above and beyond in our service to families to support the wellbeing of each student. We build positive connections to complement our comprehensive learning and support programs to open a world of discovery and development that helps your child live purposefully.

A warm welcome as a student arrives at school

Youth Support Workers (YSWs)

Our class model comprises 1 Teacher and 2 Youth Support Workers for up to 10 students. Our YSWs support individual needs, implementing tailored strategies to enhance your child’s learning. They provide comprehensive support in class, on the playground and during sports. Students are understood, engaged and empowered to thrive.

A Youth Support Worker providing support to a student in the classroom, fostering an inclusive and encouraging learning environment.

Therapy Dogs

We love that God created animals to bring enjoyment and assistance to our lives. Our two therapy dogs, Sunny and Otee, are beloved members of our community. They have made a significant impact on the wellbeing of our students, who relish their time with our therapy dogs. The interaction between students and our therapy dogs helps reduce anxiety and stress, support mental health, boost moods, provide comfort, build connections, create trust and support learning.

Students gently patting a therapy dog, fostering a sense of comfort and connection.

Sensory Spaces

Our wellbeing sensory learning spaces are safe places that support and stimulate the sensory needs of our students, helping them to cope with challenges. Our students enjoy and respond positively in our specially constructed sensory garden and playground.

Students walking through the sensory garden, engaging with various textures, scents, and natural elements.