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Holistic Development

Enriching your child’s development is multifaceted which is why we complement our learning program with a variety of extra-curricular activities that will suit a variety of age groups. Our co-curricular program enhances learning, explores strengths, develops inter-personal skills, builds confidence and is all-round fun.

Students feeding ducks, enjoying a nature-focused co-curricular activity.
Staff members assisting students in finding a suitable fishing spot, fostering outdoor exploration and learning.

Pacific Hope Clubs

Our weekly Clubs are so much fun for our students on a Friday afternoon. Clubs include fishing, surfing (with qualified water safety instructors), Ten-Pin bowling, Futsal (small court soccer with instructor), beach games, art, Lego and games, technology, basketball, cooking, movies and tennis. To ensure our students enjoy a variety of activities to be engaged in we aim to run 8-10 clubs at a time. Our fun, holistic extra-curricular program allows our students to advance and grow.

"Game On"

It’s “game on” with our weekly basketball games where our students play against their Pacific Coast peers. Apart from a lot of fun, our students learn valuable lessons about teamwork, comradery and healthy competition. They develop their sporting ability, physical fitness, motor skills, cognitive engagement and wellbeing. This game draws a large crowd who spur our students on, boosting their confidence.

A weekly basketball game in progress, showcasing friendly competition between staff and students.


Your child is encouraged to develop their sporting talent, build confidence and enjoy the accomplishments associated with sport.


Acts of service transform people in need and help our students grow as they learn to reach out and serve others.