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Team Building

Pacific Hope offers a broad range of sporting opportunities to expand the learning and development horizons for students of all ages and abilities beyond the classroom setting.

Students and staff taking part in a spirited game of basketball.
Energetic students enjoying a friendly game of handball

Sporting Pathways

Physical Education classes are an integral part of our weekly curriculum providing opportunities for students to pursue varying sporting pathways, depending on abilities. Your child is encouraged to develop their sporting talent, build confidence and enjoy the accomplishments associated with sport.

Participation in sport fosters the sense of belonging, enables meaningful social engagement and helps students become resilient.

Our sporting pathways provide a variety of options designed to nurture the God-given abilities of your child or to develop new skills. 

Our pathways include:

A student enjoying a game of handball, showcasing focus and skill during the match.

Curriculum Sport

Your child will enjoy and benefit from our weekly Physical Education on-campus sporting programs that include basketball, cricket, tennis, volleyball, soccer, touch football and handball. Through these inclusive sports, in a supportive community, students can unlock their potential as they explore and discover new abilities, overcome social barriers and enhance their sporting skills. Our adaptive strategies enable your child to engage and thrive in the sports arena.

Students enthusiastically cheering on their peers as they compete in a table tennis match.

Community Sports

Inter-school competitions, Gala Day events and the Basketball Tour are all part of our sporting program to connect your child into the wider community, enhance their wellbeing and expand their educational journey through organised sporting events. Our students love engaging in community sports.

Students participating in the school athletics carnival, showcasing their dedication and sportsmanship in various track and field events.
School Carnivals

For All Students

Carnivals bring a sense of fun to children. Pacific Hope hosts its own annual Swimming Carnival where students participate in an all-inclusive competition, tailored to the needs of our students. Students are welcome to join in our inter-school carnivals, depending on their abilities. They can participate in the Pacific Coast Swimming, Cross-Country and Athletics carnivals or participate in the combined Pacific Hope/Coast/Gulgangali Jarjums’ Swimming, Cross-Country and Athletics carnivals.