Vision & Purpose

The vision for Pacific Hope School is to provide students with diagnosed additional needs a centre of teaching and learning excellence that delivers a differentiated but comprehensive curriculum in an appropriately tailored learning environment so that each student is supported in their personal growth, allowing them to find full enjoyment of life now and for eternity.

The purpose of Pacific Hope School is to make a difference in the learning and in the life of every student so that they have optimal opportunity to grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.

Pacific Hope School seeks to provide the benefits of both targeted Special Education experiences and general learning experiences only possible in a large mainstream schooling context. Therefore we seek to prepare designated learning areas that are equipped and resourced in response to the special needs of the students and to pursue opportunities to connect them with and to help them participate in the activities and events of Pacific Coast as a partner school.

We seek to facilitate collaboration and cooperation between professionals and parents to design and deliver a school experience that is effective and meaningful for each student, preparing them for experiencing success and joy in every part of their lives and their humanity.