Physical Activity should be an important part of each person’s life. The Sports program in Pacific Hope School desires to provide:

  • Opportunities for all to be involved
  • Effective and safe training and instruction
  • Recognition of significant effort and achievement

Pacific Hope School students will have at least 2 periods of sport each week. Students also have the opportunity to be included in the annual Pacific Coast Christian School carnivals.

Pacific Hope School is a member of the Christian Schools Sporting Association. Sporting opportunities for students who wish to pursue higher representative levels are therefore available. We have students who compete at major carnivals for swimming, cross country and athletics at Zone, State and National levels.


Pacific Hope School is uniquely located on the grounds of Pacific Coast Christian School. As a result, there are opportunities for our students to be involved in whole school and sub-school events, including assemblies, incursions, excursions and camps.

Where it is beneficial, students may also have an opportunity to attend a limited number of classes at Pacific Coast. This is often the case for subjects like Science and Mandatory Technology that require specialist facilities.

Students at Pacific Coast Christian School enjoy visiting the students at Pacific Hope School in their break times or through regular and organised visits.

Work Experience

Students in Years 11 and 12 are provided with opportunities to prepare them for transition to post school options. The students undertake studies in the Stage 6 Work and the Community Life Skills subject which aims to “provide students with practical skills, knowledge, understanding, values and attitudes needed for confident and successful transition to post-school employment, participation and independence in the community” (BOSTES NSW, 2015).

Work experience opportunities as well as the required support will be decided based on the student’s needs. Work places may include various opportunities to work at Pacific Coast Christian School as well as local business options.