Year 5/6 Camp to CYC Burleigh

CYC camp

The Year 5/6 hope students travelled to CYC Burleigh for their annual camp last week. We were blessed with blue skies and crystal clear water. The students engaged in water activities such as canoeing and tubing, as well as overnight stay. There was plenty of opportunity for team building through both physical and strategic problem solving. The focus of the camp is to build relationships through shared experiences. This camp was extremely important in teaching our children to have the courage to try new things and the resilience to take ownership of difficulties and not see this as weakness. It is all about the growth through trying new things.

The camp was a tremendous success in this regard. While students were challenged, they met these challenges and came through them. Each individual student was challenged in some way and learnt through these new experiences. Each student has shared situations that will remain with them throughout their entire school journey. Together, they have all been enriched by the challenges they have faced and are now a more tightly knit year group as a result. Camp is difficult for some students, for others it is the best event of the year, regardless of where a child sits on this spectrum, camp is a wonderful opportunity for growth and a tremendously important aspect of each child’s school experience.

Year 5 and 6 CYC Camp Year 5 and 6 CYC Camp Year 5 and 6 CYC Camp Year 5 and 6 CYC Camp