Historical Beach Walks

historical beach walks

Every Monday morning in Term 3, Year 7 have headed out to explore our local beaches and find out more about the history of the community we live in. Starting in Tugun QLD we discovered that originally the area was used for Banana farming and the Indigenous word of ‘Tugun’ means ‘breaking waves’. Kirra was our next destination, where we learnt that Cyclone Gitta earlier this year created some fantastic waves and Kirra Beach once again became a vibrant hub for all surf fanatics as it once was and became world famous for.

Coolangatta surprised us all, believing the word ‘Coolangatta’ must have an Indigenous meaning but alas, the name came from a boat that was wrecked in 1846. We all decided we wanted to travel back in time, when the original Coolangatta Primary School was located on the top of Kirra Hill with 360 degree views and the playground looking out upon the ocean. Although the original school still stands the building has become the community center for Coolangatta.

Week 5 we explored Point Danger, where we spotted a whale and a dolphin. As we spent time reading the monument plaques, we discovered that ‘AHS Centaur’ was a hospital ship that was unfortunately torpedoed in 1943 just off Stradbroke Island. Only 64 persons survived out of 332 that were on board.

In our coming weeks we head further south to discover Fingal Head and Kingscliff areas. Our year 7 classroom has a map with more photo’s and information about what we have been discovering. The students have really enjoyed getting out of the classroom and combining English and History outcomes in a practical way.

Historical Beach Walks Historical Beach Walks